Today was the last visit I had with my surgeon before the big day. He expressed his displeasure with me for not losing as much as he wanted me to. He told me the first visit he wanted me down to 270, I bumped upwards to 294 before my first dietitian appointment and now am down to 284. I have to walk at least 30 minutes a day every day until the day of my surgery.

I also discovered that I have fatty liver disease. Which, I believe, is going to eventually clear up after surgery but it means that I have to be on my clear liquid diet for 14 days, for sure, rather than the typical 7-10 days. I had already planned on this because I failed to lose as much weight as was asked of me. However when the word “cirrhosis” pops up in conversation, no matter the context of it, even if it’s to go “it’s rare but if we find…” it makes a person sit up and take a great deal of notice.

But, that is something that I am absolutely determined not to stress over. I am not going to borrow trouble. I have enough as it is already. I have a whole slew of others comorbidities both great and small, including high cholesterol, GERD, Snoring, joint pain. I just have to focus on getting to, and through, surgery.

So, tomorrow I begin the clear liquid diet… and the final push to drop weight pre-op.