I was a bit over optimistic at first about how difficult it is to stick to a clear liquid diet. At this point I would actually equate it with quitting smoking cigarettes cold turkey. I should know, I did that in September of 2013. I believe I was actually less short tempered then, than I am now. It’s not easy to go without solid food. I could even reasonably tolerate being on a liquid or puree diet because then, I could at least have my decaf coffee.

On the upside, between my clear liquid diet and walking two miles the past two days I’ve lost four pounds. Yes, four (4) pounds in two days. So, I should be at the weight the doctor wants me at on the day of my surgery. Which will reduces the possibility of complications. Doesn’t change how hungry I am.

I’ve had to go forgo my walking today, and maybe tomorrow. I hate that I am having to, but it’s nasty and raining outside and I lack a gym membership in order to walk indoors.

But I am keeping myself active and busy. How? Well, I am packing. Because on top of all of the rest of it, we’re going to have to move roughly around the same time as my surgery and the more I get accomplished before I can no longer lift more than ten pounds, the less upheaval there may be when the day comes.

So, I have my exercise well in hand. But I miss walking because then I can get my thoughts in order, it gives me time to be in my own headspace and get some perspective. What do I think about when I’m walking? Mostly what it would feel like if I could run that same distance, or at what point I might fit into a certain size. Like how much would I have to lose to be a size 18, 16, etc.

Overall things are stressful but I’ll manage. Just take things a step at a time.