I am once again online after being without either television or internet since Friday. If ever anyone wishes to affirm that they are a patient soul turn the electronics off with your nine year old at home over the weekend while on a clear liquid diet and having to pack.

So far so good as far as said clear liquid diet goes. I won’t lie and say that there are not times that I am desperately tempted by the food around me. This is not helped when certain members of my family, who shall remain nameless, order pizza, go to Whataburger, and get donuts.

I’ve lost six pounds so far in the past week since I started the clear liquid diet. Which I suppose it somewhat to be expected, given how few calories I am consuming and the how digestible it all is. I’ve also been going for two mile walks every single day the weather permits.

I only have one week to go. This time next week I will have already had my surgery and be in my room recovering.