Only three days left until the morning of my surgery. I’ve been rocking the clear liquid diet for eleven days now, though it feels like eleventy-billion. I’ve lost nine pounds in under two weeks. I do not recommend this diet to anyone unless it’s in preparation for surgery with a doctor telling you to go on it. It’s boring, there’s a lack of variety in flavors, and I was almost constantly hungry the first week. Now I think I’ve adapted to it a bit. But I would still contemplate stabbing someone for something so bland as scrambled egg whites, just for a change in texture.

I’ve been doing my walking, two miles every morning after I take my son to school. Once I am done with my two mile walk, I’ve been packing. Because we still do need to move shortly after my surgery. The timing sucks. It’s added stress that I just don’t want or need, but I’ve got it and I’m trying to cope with it the best way that I can. I have everything packed up that I can get packed up prior to my surgery. That way afterwards I am not over taxing myself or lifting anything over ten pounds.

Went for my pre-op visit to the hospital already. Everything is in order there. This way the morning of surgery all I have to do is check in at the registration desk and they walk me where I need to go. I’ve arranged for my son to not go to school that day, since we have to be awake at 0300 in order to be out the door at 0400 and at the hospital by 0500. My surgery starts at 0730 and is expected to take 90-120 minutes.

Right now I’ve got everything handled that needs to be handled.