When I first decided to start a blog about all the changes I am going through in my life, from the gastric bypass to whatever may come after as I figure out who the New Me really is, I promised myself I wouldn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics. Make no mistake, this post has a few I wouldn’t normally dream of discussing in mixed company.

I started out today pretty strong, I’m sitting at 38oz of fluids consumed at this point. It’s almost six at night, so I have more time to get the next 26oz. I haven’t had to take my pain meds today, and I have been keeping up on my anti-nausea medicine.

A couple of things went awry however. First is that I may have pushed protein a little bit too hard. My pouch is just not ready for a 12oz protein shake. So, lesson number one learned for the day, if I can knock that down to six ounces with the same amount of protein then that is what I am going to need to do. Second, is that apparently I am one of those unfortunate souls who becomes lactose intolerant after surgery, at least for a time. Something I found out after managing to choke down a 12oz protein shake made with 1% milk rather than water. Every five seconds I become my own private hovercraft when sitting down. Also, after surgery that particular issue becomes horrible enough to peel wallpaper at thirty paces. I am not presently a fan of my own company. Third… nature hates me. I started my period yesterday. So there’s that too.

Last but not least, is the calcium chewable. My poor little pouch is only about 1-2oz in size and it came face to face, so to speak, with King Kong Calcium today. Why couldn’t they have made that smaller? Better yet, why couldn’t they have somehow made that less dry? It took me a good ten minutes to chew and chew and try to get it off of my teeth until it was a small enough and moist enough consistency to swallow. It was a workout in and of itself. I’m trying to figure out how best to tackle it tomorrow. It’s chocolate flavored (barely) and so taking it in the middle of a meal is tricky because then it may make the rest of the meal taste funky.

King Kong CalciumWell, on to drinking more water.