I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I wish I had a good reason for that, but unless you count getting all caught up on Orange is the New Black a “good reason” then, no, there is no good reason for it. So, I got about five hours of sleep and I told myself that when I got home from dropping my son off at his school that I was going to take a nap.

I wish the nap had happened. I tried to make the nap happen. I really did! I laid down and I was almost asleep, all warm and cozy when I hear my name being yelled from downstairs by my mother. So, up I get for a few moments to deal with it and then there is a giant truck outside of my house that sounds like it is right below my bedroom window. That finally goes away, and my mother calls me from downstairs again. I wanted to take a nap, or try to, later, but then I’d want to stay up late. Thus perpetuating an unhealthy and vicious cycle.

The hardest part of my day was, as always, when it was time for my protein shakes. I have to drink two of them a day. They are my “snacks”. I need 75g of protein a day. Before it was fine, I could do it no problem. I just close my eyes and chug it down really fast and not really taste anything. But now that I have such a small stomach and I cannot chug it down, I unfortunately have to taste it. I have to taste every chalky foul bit of it. It’s the taste equivalent of nails on a chalkboard for me.

Unfortunately my bad mood has not improved. That may have to do with my lack of sleep though. So, I need to go rectify that and get to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will see a less grumpy me. I was also naughty and only walked once for 15 minutes today. I need to do better tomorrow. I didn’t go through surgery just to slack off and not make the most of it.