Well, not entirely sure I would call the last couple of days entirely eventful, but they’ve been days. My son’s field day was yesterday at his school. I am not entirely sure how I would write down to log that as exercise for myself. It was two and a half hours long of standing and then walking from event to event. I didn’t do any other kind of walking yesterday but it wore me out enough to where I felt the need to take it easy today.

I don’t really like taking it easy though. I keep weighing myself every single morning and since the 12th it seems to be stuck on one number. I am not understanding it. This is the period of time I thought the weight would just be melting off. Right after surgery I thought I would be dropping pounds like no tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ve dropped any weight at all this week. It’s extremely frustrating.

I sent an email to my dietitian this evening. I am not sure what exactly happened today, maybe I dislike the protein shakes so much that it brought it on, but for the first time since I had my surgery I actually felt nauseous. I hate them that much. I have to force myself to drink them. I asked her if I could possibly mix the protein powder into Greek Yogurt like I saw on Pinterest. That may make it more tolerable for me. I also had a question about one of the recipes in a book that I purchased for meals for gastric bypass. I just figured I should be safe about a recipe that calls for fat free mayonnaise. It doesn’t sound like something I will be able to have, but the book had it in there and I wanted to verify.

Other than that, mostly it’s just stress not related to the surgery. Though it all has an impact on recovery and such. We haven’t found a new place to live yet, we’re all packed up and ready but without a place to go. The time where we need to be out of this house is approaching and we’ve not yet figured out a place to land. Which is extremely stressful.

It also doesn’t help that almost all of the places that are rental properties, do not allow pets, or have a size restriction. Clearly these landlords haven’t seen the damage that a Jack Russell Terrier or even a Chihuahua can do, so they discriminate against the larger dogs. But it is what it is.

I’ll be doing some walking tomorrow. Either inside with the timer on, on my phone, or I may venture outside if the weather allows me to. I do hope the weather allows me to. I’m sick of walking around indoors and really this rain in ridiculous. It’s been raining every day, except for one, since the fifth and the forecasts have it raining at least until memorial day on the twenty-fifth.