I’ve been doing really well as far as my fluid intake goes. I’ve been less than stellar as far as how long and often I have been walking. Today I walked two miles but previously this week I had been a bit of a slacker in that regard.

But here is my issue… My scale is telling me I gained a pound this week! I’m not even two weeks post-op. I lost 12.5 pounds during the two weeks of my clear liquid diet, and I lost 5.5 pounds last week. But there should still be zero chance, at least in my mind, that I could gain a pound this week. No matter how much my body is holding onto as much as it can because I put it through so much. I should not be physically capable of gaining a pound this week.

So, I’ve talked to my cousin and then I emailed my dietitian and maybe she can tell me what’s going on or reassure me that maybe I shouldn’t completely freak out. or she can tell me that I need to call my surgeon. Because it’s just really weird to me that it would be the case. I will keep all of you posted.