I had my two week post-op visit with my primary care physician this morning. Usually I don’t particularly care for going to his office. He’s a nice guy, but the wait there is always an hour past the time I make my appointment for. So, I have started to make appointments for in the morning, that way I can be sure to be out of there at least before dinner.

A few good things about the visit today is that I got some kudos for having lost 10% of my body weight in the past six months. Which health wise is a big milestone to overcome. I also got told that I can discontinue my cholesterol meds. So, hurray for that! He also wants me to use small weights to work out my arms and to keep up with my walking. I can’t lift more than ten pounds but I have some little 3-5lb weights that I can work out with in the meantime.

I am pushing for a gym membership. It’s not that I’m keen to spend the money on monthly dues to go to a gym where I am bound to feel horribly out of place because I am visually not the type of person who spends time in a gym but am the physical type that should spend time in a gym. But there are stray dogs in the neighborhood a lot of the time and I just don’t feel it is as safe as it should be for me to be walking around alone during normal working hours when the neighbors aren’t usually at home.

News on the moving front is that we have found, and been approved for, a house. We’re going to be putting the money down on the 21st for it.. barring any unforeseen and cosmic level occurrences that get in the way. Pray to God, cross fingers, and knock on wood that doesn’t happen. Because I cannot handle any more stress than I have already been going through. The actual move will be taking place on June 4th or 5th, because we need to schedule and pay for movers since I can’t be lifting anything heavy.

I’m looking forward to the new house. It’s all one story so the heating and cooling costs should be lower. It should also be less expensive for the food costs in the house because of my surgery. The house we’re in now some of the toilets like to run so that should save us a lot of money on the water bill also. Overall I think the move will prove to be a good thing for us.

I wasn’t able to go for a walk today like I wanted. I am going to be walking around the lower level of the house tonight for at least twenty minutes. I didn’t get to go today because of the rain and my doctor visit was during the time that would have been best for me to walk outside. I am planning on using a local park tomorrow for my walk, since they have a sidewalk path that is 2.4 miles and it’s a visible area so if I get mauled by a stray dog, at least someone will see/hear me.

It tasted as good as it looks.

It tasted as good as it looks.

I started Pureed foods today… I’m providing a picture. What you see before you is baby food roast beef with gravy, and some mango, kiwi, papaya. I wish I could say at least the fruit side was good. But alas, even that was foul. Only about thirteen days to go until I can start soft solids and I can have some scrambled eggs or some ground turkey or ground hamburger. Though really I’ve discovered ground chicken and that looks appealing to me right now.

By appealing though I mean that it looks like it wouldn’t entirely suck. I’m not actually hungry. I have zero desire to eat anything at all. I remember what I used to like to eat and sometimes I’ll think “that might be nice about now” but there is no actual urge to eat any of it. I’m having to time my meals and force myself to drink/eat them at certain times just to keep myself fed.

Heaviest Weight: 294

Weight on day of Surgery: 271.5

Current Weight: 264