I spent a good portion of this morning finally finishing a romance novel that I had been struggling with for weeks. It wasn’t as if the book was bad, I just had other things that I needed to be doing. My surgery, for example, was more important than a book I didn’t particularly care for. I said it wasn’t bad, I didn’t say it was good. I am unfortunately twenty-four books behind schedule for my goal of reaching three hundred romance novels this year. I could cheat like crazy and read shorter books, but for some reason that just doesn’t appeal to me. Oh well, such is my literary struggle.

I did finally finish the book though. Largely thanks to the amount of rain that was coming down this morning. I hate it. Normally I would welcome the rain. I live in Texas, we’ve been having a big drought for years now. But I just had my surgery on the 5th and I am supposed to be walking every day. I have been slacking off on it because walking circles around the house is boring as all get out. The days that it hasn’t been raining there have been stray dogs in the neighborhood that make it rather daunting to go out and walk outside when there is no one around because everyone seems to be at work. If they were small dogs it would be different, but I am not tangling with Pitbulls or dogs that look like they may be some odd Great Dane mix. That is above my pay grade!

As a result of not being able to walk I haven’t been losing as much as I would like to be losing at this point. So, with that in mind, I set the timer on my phone for thirty minutes and I went tromping around my house with some music on Spotify to keep me entertained. The music choice today was this playlist of Acoustic Covers that I find pretty nice. It always amazes me what other people can accomplish with only a guitar and their voice. Hopefully my efforts will be reflected on the scale later on this week.

Speaking of the scale. I have gotten into the bad habit of weighing myself every day. I know I shouldn’t, but the scale is in the bathroom and it just seems to mock me first thing in the morning right when I wake up. Though my official weigh-in day, the day where I count it, where it actually seems to matter to me and I update my information on Runkeeper, is on Tuesdays.

In other, and important, news. Everything is good with the move. We put the money in for the rental of it today and we are going to be moving stuff over for the next two weeks with the final move-in date of June 4th. So, I may be radio silent on this blog for a little while for a few days while we get everything setup like internet and television.

But at least all of that is taken care of. I can stop stressing about it and just focus on getting the move done, so I can refocus myself almost exclusively on losing the weight.