If there is something that I have learned the past couple of days, it is that MyFitnessPal is going to yell at me because I am not consuming enough calories. I get between 500-875 calories a day, depending on what I eat. It’s not like I can consume as much food as someone who hasn’t had the surgery so I am trying to take it in stride. Really I’m just using the site as an easier way to track my calories than pen and paper. Though, I am still writing everything down so I can show my surgeon the next time I see him. Well, him and my dietitian. Since I see her on the 5th for my one month visit.

There is a support group meeting on the 4th through my bariatric coordinator and dietitian’s office. I haven’t decided if I want to go to that yet or not. On one hand perhaps I could take comfort in being around people who have also gone through the surgery and can relate to my concerns. On the other hand, that’s the day we’re supposed to finish moving. I am going to be tired that day, and I may not feel like driving all the way into downtown during the busier part of the early evening to go to a meeting.

We moved a lot of stuff to the new house yesterday and some more today. I didn’t go for my walk either day, but tomorrow I do plan on walking around the house for at least thirty to forty-five minutes. I’ll likely listen to my acoustic covers again, Spotify just recently added an acoustic cover of Uptown Funk, which is just as interesting as it sounds like it would be.

I went to GNC the other day and I got some Isopure zero carb strawberries and cream protein powder. It was worlds, WORLDS, better than the Body Fortress protein. I am sure the Body Fortress people mean well, and maybe I wouldn’t have hated it that much if I had been capable of drinking their protein in a rapid fashion, but when dealing with a stomach only 1-2oz in size, and having to drink it slowly, it was awful. The Isopure I don’t mind drinking, it’s even tasty and there’s no chalky quality to it like there is with the Body Fortress. Kind of wish it was less expensive, but with protein, apparently you get exactly what you pay for.

I think the most exciting part of the past twenty-four hours for me is that I was finally able to sleep on my side without it being uncomfortable. I know that sounds completely trivial, but I like to sleep on my side and having to sleep on my back was just inconvenient. I don’t hate sleeping on my back, but I prefer to sleep on the side. I sleep better on my side. So, now I get to again. Really it’s the little things that make me happy right now.

Weight Lost: 32.2lbs