I weighed myself this morning, much like I have been doing every morning and I saw 260.4 staring back up at me. So, I suppose that all of my worrying was for nothing. If I drop more, which I am trending downward, then tomorrow I should post more of a loss which will put me at 12lbs lost over three weeks. An average of about 4lbs a week is what I was expecting going in to surgery, and so that makes me a bit happier about things.

Another day, another round of MyFitnessPal yelling at me about the lack of calories consumed. I also walked for half an hour around the house. Rather irksome because this morning when I was walking indoors it would have been perfect to go walking outside but it being Memorial Day my son was home and I couldn’t leave him home by himself. There is always tomorrow and I am hopeful that the rain will hold off long enough for me to go for a walk.

I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to, but things taste different after my surgery. I have no clue why that would be, it’s not like my stomach is directly linked to my tongue. I drank a Fiji Apple Sobe Lifewater today, something I enjoyed during my clear liquid diet and didn’t find bad at all. I thought it was horrible today. It tasted so medicinal to me, like I was drinking watered down cold medicine. I’m not knocking Sobe as a company, it’s just a weird quirk after surgery.

I’m not liking much of anything on the pureed stage really. It makes me wonder what it is exactly that I put my son through by feeding him baby food. I actually did get some for myself because it’s allegedly the same stuff, just mashed and pureed. Chicken and Chicken Gravy baby food, tastes absolutely nothing like chicken. I thankfully only have one more week to go until I can have some ground hamburger meat and some scrambled eggs. I am really looking forward to scrambled eggs. It may not sound like a great big deal to anyone who hasn’t had the surgery and gone through this, but really I want some scrambled eggs in a big way.

Weight Loss Total: 33.6