During my first visit to my dietitian’s office I sat there in the waiting room and using my phone I banished food from my Pinterest. I clicked “unfollow” on every board with food on it, I deleted my own boards that had food. I even deleted the board with the alcoholic drinks on it that I had titled “Woohoo Juice” and had over 2,000 pins. I decided that I did not need the temptation. I didn’t want to be one of those people who starts the path towards weight loss surgery but go for the last hurrah, or the Tour De Chub of whatever foods I wanted to stuff into my face that I wouldn’t be able to eat after surgery. My dietitian actually called that “the Last Supper Syndrome.”

I’ve just reintroduced food back to my Pinterest. I’m preparing for when I can eat soft solids in a week and when I can eat solids again in three weeks. I am looking forward to that. I’ve started a Pinterest board with Gastric Bypass Friendly foods and I have another one with healthy or paleo recipes that I can probably find a way to make Gastric Bypass Friendly. I also started boards with Fitness Tips and Fitness Inspiration for when my doctor tells me that I can go all out on exercising too.

I walked my son to and from school today. It’s a mile each way, so by the end of today I had logged 4.05 miles and burned 609 calories according to RunKeeper. It’s after dinner now and I am sitting at a calorie consumption for the day of 710 and that leaves me with only 101 net calories.  As we all know that is going to make MyFitnessPal squawk at me for not consuming enough calories. It actually makes me chuckle a little now when it yells at me for not getting a high enough calorie intake.

I’m not sure how to feel about what I am about to put out there for all the internet to read, but I have to say that the sweet potato turkey baby food from Gerber is actually pretty good. I mean, I’m not about to write sonnets about its greatness, but I wouldn’t feel guilty for tormenting a baby with it like I would with some of the other meats. The bananas are awesome though. I love the Gerber Bananas. So, if you’re about to have surgery, stock up on the Gerber Sweet Potatoes and Turkey and the Bananas. The other meats like Chicken and Chicken Gravy are a trap!

Once again, I cannot wait until I can eat soft solids and solids again so I can stop being a baby food consumer.

And yes, I did weigh myself today. 259.4 so I am 12lbs down since surgery.