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Weather Outlook for the week

Weather Outlook for the week

That right there is what being able to walk outside this coming week looks like! I haven’t seen it since May 5th, but I remember what it was like! Mostly I was catching a walk whenever the weather would clear long enough for me to be able to squeeze in my forty-five minutes of hoofing it. I am looking forward to the results that gives me!

I got a little sad today. Went over the list of things I can and cannot eat once I get to my full bariatric solid food diet and it was just a little daunting how much I won’t be allowed to eat. I loved bread and pasta. I wasn’t a fan of bacon all that much but I did enjoy a piece or two of sausage from time to time.

I know that this is all my head. It’s like after the first seventy-two hours when I quit smoking cold turkey. My body is physically done craving these things, I just have to cope with being mentally addicted to them still. I am likely going to always want white pasta or biscuits and gravy the same way I sometimes close my eyes and get smacked with the urge to have a cigarette.

I just have to remember that I am always going to be a “recovering carb addict” the same way that I am always going to be a “recovering smoker”. That addiction is never going to completely leave me; I am just going to have to learn to live with it.