I am absolutely exhausted. Tomorrow is moving day, so today we’ve done about four, or five, trips to the new house with a car load of items we are moving ourselves rather than waiting for the movers to take over there tomorrow. This is on top of the fact that I walked a mile to my son’s school and a mile back in ninety degree weather. I’ve been drinking fluids constantly in an effort to stay hydrated.

I have my dietitian appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30am and I am not sure if I was a bad girl tonight or not. I will talk to her about it and get her opinion. My family went to McDonalds and I thought it over and I can have ground beef. So, I told them to get me a plain junior hamburger with no ketchup or mustard or anything else on it. I ate the hamburger patty but not the bread. I only ate the meat. It seems to be alright on my stomach. But, like I said, I am going to be asking my dietitian tomorrow if I did a bad thing.

Speaking of alright with my stomach. It turns out that I cannot have a full 4oz of canned chicken. I ate 3oz and I was regretting it all night long. It felt like it used to feel when I’d swallow my huge multivitamin and it would go sideways on me. That pressure just under the throat and above the middle of the sternum. It felt pretty uncomfortable for several hours after.

Unfortunately with the move tomorrow I am going to be without internet. Even more unfortunately it is going to take ten days for me to get internet on at the new house. So, I will be updating via my cell phone which means that my posts will be shorter. I am not sure how some people can update with long posts using their cell phone, I am not likely going to be one of those people. The posts will be short and sweet for a bit.

I weighed myself this morning and saw 254.4 on the display. Not going to be able to weigh myself tomorrow because I packed up the scale. But I am glad that I dropped a pound and a half and that all my stressing was for nothing. I know, I am a tightly wound person at the moment when it comes to losing weight.

We have one more load of things to take over to the new house. I wish we didn’t. I’ve gone up and down the stairs so many times it’s likely up in the upper forties and my legs are doing that extreme-exhausted muscle twitching thing. Just have to get through tonight and tomorrow. Unpacking is so much easier.