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Today marks six weeks post-op!! This means that I can eat the regular bariatric diet! I am not going to be going absolutely crazy because then getting sick to my stomach… erm.. pouch happens, and no one wants that. No one has time for that noise either! I kind of wish I had lost more during this first six weeks than I have. I likely could have dropped the thirty pounds I wanted if I could have walked outside more, or walked at all more. As it is, I am sitting at having lost twenty-three pounds for the first six weeks. Which isn’t all that bad. So, all in all, it has been a good first six weeks.

One thing I did forget to mention during yesterday’s post is that my period was late this time around. I actually got my period the day after we moved in here. But it was something like one or two weeks late. This may not seem like news worthy stuff, but previously the only time my period was stalled was when I was pregnant with my son, and when I had an IUD and it stopped entirely for three years. Otherwise my period is like clockwork, every twenty-eight days. I could probably set a watch by it if I was feeling really motivated. Every twenty-eight days, by eleven at night on the twenty-eighth day.

I wasn’t all that worried about it when my period was late. I understand that physiologically speaking my body had quite a shock when I had my surgery so it was conserving all the energy that it could. I’m actually surprised I got my period at all this past go round. But that is enough of talking about that!

I’m more obsessed with food than I used to be. I’m sure that would actually surprise some of the people who teased me in school, that I was never focused on food. I just didn’t think about it. If it was there, and I thought I was hungry, I’d just go ahead and eat. But now it’s on my mind. I have tunnel vision about food. I only have about 2-3oz of pouch space, and if I am going to bother eating something I want it to taste good and have the most amount of nutrition that I can get out of it. I want more bang for my figurative buck.

Once I get to cooking this coming week I’ll post new meals I try to give my thumbs up or thumbs down about it. I’m pretty sure that the sautéed kale recipe I just found on Pinterest is going to get a thumbs down from my son. But like I’ve been trying to tell him lately, it can’t always be all about him.

Speaking of, that’s one of the things that I’ve had to come to grips with about my surgery. I have to choose me. I have to choose to insist on time for me to walk. I have to insist on buying things that I need in order to keep myself healthy. I have to insist on buying foods that are good for me that I can eat. I guess the best way to put it, is that I have to be selfish about my health right now. Which may not sit well with some, but then some will just have to get over it.