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This morning I went through all the jeans I have been keeping in a bag. One of those large zipper bags that have a bed-in-a-bag or bed comforter in. My goal was to pull out all of my size 24w jeans to put away so that I can wear them. I have a few size 22w jeans in there was well and two pairs of size 18w jeans. I tried on one of the size 22w jeans and they fit!

First time wearing size 22w jeans since I was about 21 years old.

First time wearing size 22w jeans since I was about 21 years old.

I’m ecstatic! I’m also having an “it figures” moment, because I tried the size 22w jeans on right after I had put away all of the size 24w jeans. I am going to be hitting up a local thrift shop for some size 20w jeans. What I do is I keep them on top of my dresser and I try those on once a week until they fit and then I get rid of the size 22w jeans.

I really needed this win today. My scale informed me that between Tuesday and today I gained .6 pounds. I have my suspicions as to why that would be and how to fix that. But it was still pretty discouraging to see.

I haven’t been walking.  Which is horrible of me. But it’s been either too hot or raining. Thankfully a wonderful friend of mine is bringing me a treadmill tomorrow that she no longer wants/needs. I am planning on walking at least forty-five minutes a day after that. Which should help me to see some pretty significant weight loss.