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You are all going to have to hang with me a little while I try to get this post typed out. I had about four hours of sleep last night. Yesterday marked seven weeks post-op and I had a doctor visit today with my surgeon just to check in with me. But the reason behind my lack of sleep was that I had to wake up early for my doctor visit and my son had growing pains in his legs all night. Not fun!

The doctor visit went fine. I was a little harder on myself than he was. I told him that I thought I should have lost more than I did. True it was twenty pounds from the last time he saw me, six weeks ago, but I could have done better if I could have walked more or done more exercising. I was just rather disappointed in myself that I haven’t lost more than I have. Alright maybe I’m being a bit too rough on myself here.

Anyway, the scale decided to stop being a punk and I lost two pounds in the last two days. I’m off to bed before I plant my face in my keyboard.

Oh and I am going to be trying belly dancing via the Chromcast on my TV and youtube. I’ll be sure to write about how that goes and thank my lucky stars I’m the only person with a recording device that is home tomorrow.

  • Heaviest: 294
  • Day of Surgery: 271.5
  • Current: 246
  • Total Lost: 48