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Basic Belly Dance Moves with Veena and Neena

This was the belly dancing video on YouTube that I used yesterday. I didn’t feel guilty using it because I actually own the DVD but I just don’t have a DVD player right now. Like usual there was this unfriendly internal monologue going on direct towards poor Veena and Neena, or rather the woman speaking. Like when they do shoulder shimmies and she’s saying it’s a fun way to exercise the shoulders and I’m thinking “*&#^ I have three times more to move than those skinny broads!” but I got through it. I also found a Zumba video on YouTube that I am going to be trying out.

One thing about me is that I try to be organized about things. I like it when I have a set plan so that I know what I should be doing, when I should be doing it. So, with that in mind I wrote on my white board what I should be doing and on what day I should be doing it until my next visit with my surgeon. I decided to give myself a day off a week and I selected Tuesdays for that day because that is the day of the week that I had my surgery on. I also picked one day a week for Belly Dancing and one day a week for Zumba.

White Board with Exercise Plan on it.

White Board with Exercise Plan on it.

When I weighed myself today it read a lovely 245. So, I am obviously past my brief stall at 248.

I like to think of stages. I was 235 pounds at the age of nineteen, it was the lowest weight I had ever managed to get down to. I was swimming a mile three times a week and I was in the best shape that I had ever been in and wearing a size twenty. So, that is my next goal. The goal after that will be 204 pounds, because that is the weight on the scale when I was in sixth grade, it’s the first time I really became aware that I was truly fat. My short term goal is for 235 at the moment. Just take it one stage at a time.