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Now that I have rejoined the land of the dating, I am in dire need of clothes worthy of being seen in. Unfortunately that is easier said than accomplished. I got rid of a lot of clothes in anticipation of rapid weight loss, anything over a size 22/24 that was cold weather clothing got put in a bag for donation. What I was left with were some shirts and a few skirts in a size 22 and some smaller sizes. So, basically I have three, maybe four tops, and a few pairs of jeans and two or three skirts.

Today I go to Walmart… and I go to the plus sized section and I cannot find anything in the 22/24 size range. In fact, I cannot find anything above a size 20 and the plus sized section has been infected with size 4/6 clothing.

I just left the clothing department feeling rather disheartened. When I started this journey I had a similar experience when I went to go find some pajama pants and couldn’t find any in a size 26/28. Here I am sixty pounds lighter and I am in the same situation, it’s depressing. But after a while I started to get a little angry too.

Here I am sixty pounds lighter, and I can’t find a shirt in WalMart where the average size of their customers is a size 20? That may sound a bit rude of me, and maybe it is. But WalMart isn’t some designer brand fashion palace, it’s not one of those upscale stores that cater to size 8 and under and only 8 and under. It’s WalMart and they should at least have a small section for plus sized clothing! But instead it was like the plus sized section got replaced with “small sizes but for older women”.

At any rate, I ended up going over to Cato. I didn’t buy a shirt but that was because I didn’t like the sleeves on them. I’m still body conscious about my arms and I do not wear super short sleeves or sleeveless unless I am working out or simply don’t care what I look like right then.

May be for the best because there’s no sense in paying for new clothes when I’m losing weight as fast as I am. Much better to hit up the local thrift store and see what I can find there.

But that doesn’t mean I forgive WalMart.