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I think I may make this my last “___ weeks post-op” post. I mean really once you hit eleven weeks things should be counted in terms of months!

So, reflecting back on this week I haven’t been walking as much as I should have been and that is something I am going to be changing rather soon. I mean, bottom line and a rather harsh way of putting it, but I didn’t let my body get mutilated as a tool for me to lose weight only for me to not do my part. Because really that’s what I did. My digestive system was working just fine before the surgery.

I was very, very naughty today. I didn’t wait thirty minutes after drinking before I had something to eat and I didn’t wait the thirty minutes after in order to have something to drink. I also was out for breakfast this morning and I had hashbrowns at Denny’s. I know it was bad, and I may regret it tomorrow, but for now… I regret nothing. They tasted good and didn’t make my pouch angry, and by god I have behaved myself for thirteen weeks. All the way from my clear liquid diet, it has all be sugar free, low fat, and on the list of approved food choices.

Yes, a part of me realizes I may just be justifying my bad behavior.

I also realize that before my surgery I’d have cleaned the entire plate rather than obsessing over the 1/8-1/3 of a cup of HashBrowns that I ate.

I also hate my protein shake option at the moment. I know I found a way to make it less horrible, but really it’s Body Fortress. Sorry Body Fortress people, if you’re reading this, but your protein powder tastes like it belongs as the least expensive option. I think I’d rather choke down raw eggs like old school body builders did than drink another one of these.

I had bought a pair of size 20 jeans at the thrift store. I tried them on and they did fit, but I realized they were really rather stretchy, so I can’t trust them to be accurate. They were also missing the button to fasten them, which I didn’t notice before taking them home with me. So, I busted out a pair of the size 18 jeans lurking in my closet and I tried those on. I’d say I’ve got another 20-30 pounds to go before that happens. I may just opt out of buying size twenty pants all together and walk around with baggy jeans held up by a belt until I fit into the 18’s.

At any rate, that’s the news for now.

  • Heaviest Weight: 294
  • Weight at Surgery: 271
  • Current Weight: 233
  • Total Lost: 61