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Armed with my Pinterest boards, one of my books, and the spirit of culinary adventure this week I tried a few new things!

First up was the Kale, Mozzarella, Egg Bake. I’m not sure about other people, but I had never before had anything with kale in it that didn’t make me pull the face that Robin Williams made in Popeye. You know the face! Where one eye just seems to stop working because whatever you just ate assaulted, not only your taste buds, but your entire face.

That face, that one right there!

That face, that one right there!

Fortunately that was not the case with this recipe. I actually liked it! I actually got my mother to eat some and sometimes I think she’s allergic to anything the color green on her plate. Not to mention my son had a bite and didn’t act like I was trying to kill him. That being said, here is the link to give credit where credit is due. http://www.kalynskitchen.com/2012/05/recipe-for-baby-kale-mozzarella-and-egg.html


My son’s birthday was this past Saturday and I was a bit depressed. Not because he’s now ten years old and that makes me, well, old. I get some people think thirty-four isn’t old, and it’s not, except he’s ten. But I was a trifle sad that I couldn’t have cake and ice cream on his birthday. I wasn’t alone though, because my cousin was also there and she too, has had a gastric bypass. So, I went to Pinterest and found this recipe for us, so that we could have a treat too. http://blessedbeyondcrazy.com/low-carb-no-bake-cherry-dessert/


I used Strawberry Banana flavored sugar free Jello and Sugar Free Cool Whip and I didn’t have a pie plate handy so I just used an 8×8 baking dish. It was a little tart, but otherwise really good.

Alright, so the same day as my son’s party and I decide I want to try pizza. I found a recipe in a book I bought. It was actually a book my dietitian recommended.


Well I got a little too adventurous and I tried to double the recipe, skipped the unflavored protein and just substituted that with more wheat flour.

I had to add a boatload more water, the crusts were way too thick and even after over thirty, almost forty, minutes in the oven the middles of the pizzas were still pretty much raw. But that was entirely my fault and I know better for next time. Because I am going to try again at some point. My son likes his pizza and every now and then it wouldn’t be a bad thing to treat myself within reason. However, next time I will be adding the unflavored protein and following the directions exactly.

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It doesn’t look bad, but cheese can hide a lot. I added Mushrooms, reduced fat Mozzarella and grilled chicken to mine. Really wish it had turned out like I wanted it to.

So, the next thing we tried this week was this wonderful shrimp recipe I got off of Pinterest. Here is the original site that the pin came from: http://damndelicious.net/2014/06/16/lemon-garlic-shrimp-kabobs/


These were pretty tasty. We still have some leftover and I’ll be munching on those for dinner tonight! My son doesn’t like shrimp so his opinion was rather biased. However my mother and I loved it!

On a final note about my food adventures this week, this sugar free ice cream. I was truly bummed I couldn’t have ice cream with my son on his birthday and I saw this in the store.


I took a bite, and it does not taste like ice cream. It’s not horrible. But it’s not what I anticipated when I decided to have the less-guilty ice cream. I say less guilty rather than guilty free, because it wasn’t a scheduled meal. It wasn’t calories I had planned for the day, it wasn’t something I physically needed to have. So, there’s still this guilt there, that I added half a cup of sustenance to my day that I didn’t need to.

Current Weight: 230