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Peace and order has been restored to my personal little corner once more! I fixed my computer. I didn’t do it all by myself, granted, but it didn’t end up costing me over a hundred dollars in order to fix it either. So, that is a great big bonus.

What happened is that I went to shut off my computer and it said that it was going to do twenty-four updates. That’s all fine and good, so I went and started a book and four hours later I came back to find that it was only finished with three of those twenty-four updates. So, impatient soul that I am I forced it to shut down.

When Windows says “please do not shut off your pc” it is not merely a polite request. I would go to start up my computer and my Windows would blue screen, if I tried to launch the startup repair it would give me a completely black screen. My only option was to reinstall Windows, only I couldn’t figure out a way to do that with the Windows 7 I had, so I had to upgrade to Windows 10. Only Windows 10 is supposed to be a free upgrade for people with prior versions of Windows. But now Windows 10 has been asking me for a product key and I don’t have one. There are a few things that I cannot do without activating the Windows 10, so I will eventually have to get the product key.

Things have been going rather well otherwise. I’ve skipped two days of walking, but that actually may be a good thing, they weren’t back to back days and it was in the midst of a nine day stretch of walking every single day. May have been a bit too much exercising in the end if I hadn’t skipped those days.

That is all that there is for now. Glad to have that ordeal behind me.