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Well, it has been a while. I haven’t really felt like posting this week because I’m rather ashamed that I haven’t been walking like I should have been. I have no excuse for it. It’s not like I was menstruating and couldn’t take anything for it, like I was a while ago. No, really, anyone know what I can take for cramps now that I’m not allowed caffeine and thus no longer permitted any Midol?

But I did have my dietitian visit on the 19th and that went pretty well. We had the three month post-op class in which we went over the basics again and discussed where we are now and such. I am pretty happy with how far I’ve come, but I still think I could have gotten more weight off simply by sticking to what I should be doing and walking as much as I planned on.

As we were leaving the class though we got onto the elevator to go to the office once more because we needed updated copies of the handbook since there were some errors in ours. This one lady in my class was much bigger than me, and she had her daughter with her. By bigger than me, I mean that she was a good two, maybe almost three, times my size. So, we get into this elevator and there is this woman and man standing in there already. The woman has this chic bob hairstyle and business casual clothes, and she’s giving my fellow classmate and bariatric patient, the “side eye”.  Constantly the entire elevator ride just staring out of the corner of her eye and giving her the up-down look.

I don’t think there is a woman alive who hasn’t been on the receiving end of such a look. I am not even talking about overweight or obese women either. I am speaking of every woman alive who has been given that snotty look by another woman for a multitude of reasons. We all know it when we see it, and nothing makes a woman want to snatch another woman bald, more than that look. At least me.

There were so many things that I wanted to say but I bit my tongue on simply because I didn’t want to embarrass my classmate or her daughter who was with her both of whom didn’t seem to notice the other woman looking at my classmate like she were gum on the bottom of her shoe. I can get a little crass when I’m angry so it’s probably best for public decency sake that I don’t type out what I was wanting to say to that *****!

Other than almost verbally assaulting someone in an elevator, my week has been good. Though I haven’t been entirely well behaved so I guess I could say that, I, have not been good. My mom took my son and I out to have Chinese food tonight. My mother, accurately, made the comment that it’s a waste of money to pay for an all-you-can-eat buffet for me. I actually had two bites out of a spring roll and after I got home and my stomach settled, I had a sugar free ice cream bar.

I need to stop doing that. If my handbook says that something is to be avoided then it should be avoided. Just because I stumble on a “bad” food that my pouch doesn’t seem to hate or leaves me writhing in agony, does not mean that it should go into my mouth!

Also, during my dietitian visit the ladies in the office mentioned the American Heart Association Heart Walk on September 12th. They got a group going and they said that so far none of the patients had joined up, so I did. I’m lobbying for sponsors for it to raise money. When the AHA asked if I wanted to opt out of prizes in order for the AHA to get more money for each dollar raised I did indeed opt out of getting anything out of it.

For those of you just starting to read my blog, or those of you who didn’t go back to the very first post, at least I think I put it at the beginning, I have very good reasons for wanting to support the American Heart Association. My grandmother had a heart attack when she was forty-nine and suffered from heart related complications for the rest of her life, until she finally passed away from an inoperable aortic aneurism at the age of sixty-seven. My grandfather passed away from a massive heart attack, usually referred to as the Widow Maker, at the age of forty-nine. My aunt suffers from blockages in her heart as well. Finally, on April 23, 2009 my mother actually suffered a heart attack in which she literally dropped dead at her place of employment at the age of fifty-six. If it wasn’t for the fact that my mother is an R.N. and giving acute dialysis in a hospital at the time, she would not be here today.

So, as you can see I have a lot of very good reasons for wanting to participate in the Heart Walk and lobbying for those sponsors. To that effect I have included a button on the left hand side of my blog that people can just click and it’ll lead to my page to sponsor.

At any rate… my stats.

  • Heaviest weight: 294
  • Weight at Surgery: 271.5
  • Current Weight: 220
  • Total Lost: 74