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I need to get a little bit better about updating my blog here more often. I also am due to take another photo of myself soon that is full length so I can see more before and after of how much I have lost so far. Because when I look in the mirror I don’t see a difference. Oh, I know the difference is there, but I just cannot see it when I look in the mirror for some reason. Treacherous things those mirrors…

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a pair of size 14 shorts. This is noteworthy in that when I got home, and I looked at them, really looked at them I thought “these will be cute when I fit into them.” I didn’t think “if” or that they would never fit, like I would have before. I thought “when I fit into them” which is a giant step in the right emotional direction for me. Previously when I would look at a size 12 or 14 I would think “well, that’s the size I want to be but it’s impossible.” I think that is what the surgery has done for me the most; it has turned what I thought was impossible for me and made it possible.

I still have to do the work. I still have to go for my walks and lift my weights and do my abdominal exercises to pull it all in. But it’s made all that work possible to happen by making it easier to get lighter so I am not exhausted that I just want to curl up all day.

Speaking of walking though; I was a slacker today and didn’t do my walking. I’ve walked my son to and from school the last two days and it was rather hot out. I didn’t mean to take today off and I fully intended to get on my treadmill this morning after driving him to school. I just really got absorbed into a book.


Oh well, there is always tomorrow to pick up where I left off and make better choices than I made today.

On another subject, my stomach was hurting for a good three of four days. When I say “stomach” I am not actually referring to my pouch hurting. I know that sounds odd, but I know what it feels like when my pouch is angry and this was not an angry pouch situation, at least I didn’t think it was. I stopped drinking the MIO Sweet Tea flavoring for my water and it stopped hurting. So, apparently I can’t have the sweet tea that I love. Which sucks but not as much as my stomach hurting did.

In the meantime, this is where I currently stand weight wise:

  • Heaviest Weight: 294
  • Weight at Surgery: 271.5
  • Current Weight: 218
  • Total Lost: 76

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