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My stomach has been hurting for a bit. At this point I am not even sure what is causing my stomach to be giving me problems. I thought it was the MIO but then two days ago I started my period a week early. This, an early period, is not at all a normal thing to happen with me. I am typically like clockwork when it comes to menstruation. It happens exactly every twenty-eight days, usually before eleven at night my time.  I am going to wait and see what is taking place with the whole stomach pain situation.

I am sure all of you are simply delighted to be reading about how regular my reproductive system is, so I’ll be moving along to other things!

Some of my friends have given me some clothes recently and I couldn’t be more excited and thankful for them; both for the friends and for the clothes. The clothes range between a size 13-16 which is stupendous because it gives me a lot of options for what to wear when I get to those sizes.

As I was putting away the clothes, I kept thinking about how baggy my size 22 jeans were on me today and so, on a whim I tried on the size 18 jeans and I Got Them Buttoned! I had to lay down on the bed to get the zipped up but they did get zipped up.

I got the size 18 jeans on!!!

I am not going to say that they fit, because in my opinion there is a difference between being able to get something on, and it actually fitting. I still have about ten pounds before they actually fit me, because I will not call what happened to my upper portion a “muffin top” it was far too pronounced for that, it was more like a mushroom cap! I also felt like the lower part of my body was in a vice.

But let me emphasize, in case you missed the significance of the timing here… I got my size 18 jeans on, while on my period.

As a victory… I’ll take it.