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As I had mentioned previous in my blog, my stomach has been hurting me lately. It would happen off and on throughout the day, every day, for two weeks. Finally on Tuesday night my pain reached about an eight, on the 1-10 pain scale and I’d had enough. So, yesterday I dragged myself to the emergency room in order to get it looked at. I would have called my Surgeon Dr. B, but after thinking about it, I decided that going to the ER would be the more expedient thing to do. All my Dr would have done was get me scheduled for an ultrasound or another imaging study and had them draw blood. Which the ER could do faster, since everything is right there.

I get there and it doesn’t take too long for me to see the Doctor initially, he orders blood work and a CT with contrast. So, I have to drink about fifty ounces of water with contrast mixed in, in about an hour. I’m struggling with that because the pouch is only so big and my stomach starts to hurt worse. My nurse comes in and they draw the blood. My stomach is hurting a little worse so she gives me 4mg of Morphine through the IV they had put me on.

This is where my ER trip became less the happy times, not that ER visits are every happy times, but it gets a little dicey for me. She gives me the Morphine, explains that my face may feel flushed because it opens up the blood vessels, and then leaves the room. All of a sudden, my pain goes from about a seven, or what I thought was a seven, all the way to a ten. I felt like someone had stabbed me under each side of my rib cage and in the back. I had to grab one of the empty cups that had previously held the contrast and water, only to dry heave. I’m hitting the call button for her and she comes in and says that we are going to “give it a bit” and then she leaves the room again. I’m not sure how it does it, but it feels even worse when she leaves the room again, and I start to cry it hurts so badly. I hit the call button again and I tell the lady who answers “I need my nurse, or doctor, or anyone, I just need this to stop hurting.”

I need to put this into perspective here. I have had a porch swing land on my right ankle and trap it between me and the two girls on it, and a concrete porch and I didn’t cry. I have torn the meniscus ligament in my left knee, and I didn’t cry. I went through seven hours of induced labor before I asked for any medication at all, and I didn’t cry. I also did not cry when I went through six months of stomach pain when I needed to have my gallbladder taken out! But this, that pain that I went through in the ER, that made me cry.

So, I call on the button and I am in tears and I wait. I keep glancing up at the clock while it feels like something in my stomach, something vital, is trying to tear through the bottom set of ribs and no one shows up. The first person I see after the pain finally, blessedly, starts to go away after about fifteen minutes, is the woman to get my insurance and registration information, quickly followed by the people who came to get me for my CT scan. I didn’t see my nurse again, until thirty minutes after my CT scan was completed.

At any rate, they called my surgeon, I went to the hospital that is only two buildings away from his and he has privileges at. I did that on purpose. He saw the CT Scan and my blood work, and those were all good. I do have a UTI and a possible Ulcer. I think the Urinary Tract Infection is actually a pretty good Kidney infection, because looking at my discharge papers from the hospital it actually says that other symptoms of a kidney infection is pain under the ribs and in the back accompanied by nausea or vomiting.  I check all of those boxes except for the fever when it comes to a kidney infection.

I have a follow up visit with my surgeon tomorrow. He wanted me to come in today, but I don’t have the car. I’m a bit surprised he wanted to see me so soon, but he’s a good surgeon. He actually called my hospital room the night of my surgery to check on me. If I had this to do all over again I wouldn’t pick another surgeon. Even if he’s likely going to yell at me for waiting two weeks before i was seen or called him.

So, anyway, I got meds to coat my pouch and I am back on the antacids. I also have a prescription for zofran to keep me from being nauseous and a prescription for antibiotics. I’m feeling a bit better already.