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I haven’t been typing much on my blog lately because I’ve just been feeling no motivation for anything recently.  I’ve been trying to walk on my treadmill like I am supposed to but I really don’t want to do it, it’s more like I am making myself get on there. My meal choices have been uninspired also. I’ve been picking the same kinds of meals over and over and frankly, I’m bored.

Things, other than my general lack of enthusiasm, have been going alright for the most part. I have my endoscopy scheduled for the 2nd so I will be finding out whether or not I have an ulcer. It will be good to finally know one way or the other. I definitely do not like a “maybe” about something like that.

I’ve decided to push back when I want to do my very first 5k run. I just don’t have the funds for new shoes right now, and I’m pretty sure that with my two year old gym shoes if I tried to do a 5k I would actually injure myself and set myself back. I’m sure this is just an excuse on my part because I just don’t feel I am ready because I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough.

Pretty much that is all there is to report for now. Hopefully I am able to push myself out of this case of the doldrums.

  • Heaviest Weight: 294
  • Weight at Surgery: 271.5
  • Current Weight: 213
  • Total Lost: 81