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I’ve been slacking a little the last two weeks in regards to walking the way that I should be. I’ve skipped out on three out of six workouts each week and I’m a bit angry with myself about that. I need to not do that anymore. I need to get better about being my own motivation.

Why have I slacked off? I have been on a bit of a reading binge. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I read four romance novels today alone, each of them over two hundred pages in length. It’s how I cope; it’s my way of dealing with stress. I just escape whatever is bothering me by burying my head into a book. It’s almost ostrich-like except with words rather than sand.

I have been trying some new things as far as diet goes. I’m pretty sure these new things aren’t actually good things; at least not the new things that come prepackaged.  I picked up some organic corn puffs that are baked; those may not be all that bad all things considered. Not good, but what I wanted was to have some tortilla or potato chips that I had been craving for a while and I settled for something less horrible for me. I also picked up some sugar free Hershey chocolate. I’m pretty sure all chocolate has caffeine in it, and if I don’t have an ulcer already I may be flirting with one with that particular food choice. So, that’s got to stop.



These are the corn puffs I mentioned, they taste alright and my son likes them too. Still not sure if they are a good choice on my part. I need to email my dietitian and ask her opinion.

I did try to make some Sweet Potato Wedges. I am going to modify the recipe next time; because they were tasty… once I got past the taste of the salt. They were entirely too salty, so I think perhaps reducing the amount of salt to ½ a teaspoon may be a good idea.

Extra Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges


My mother is making her homemade lasagna as a thank you to some of our friends for helping us move back in June. Since I cannot have white pasta, and I don’t think Wheat Lasagna noodles have been invented, I am going to be making eggplant lasagna tomorrow so that I can reheat it and have it on Sunday when everyone else is having the real deal


I am not going to lie to all of you, or to myself, my mother hasn’t made her homemade lasagna in over a decade and odds are high that I am going to be having at least one bite of it.


I’d also like to point out that looking on Pinterest for food suggestions right now is like searching the Sahara for water in the middle of summer. It’s closing in on the Holiday Season and it is a heavy sauce or sugar laden baked good haven in the food boards. I’m looking forward to the first of the year when everyone else is on a “diet” so I can find food recipes for my new way of living.