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So, I named my blog Reinvention of Paige because it’s not just about the surgery, it’s about all the other stuff that changes after the surgery and all of the changes that seem to have nothing to do with the surgery at all. With the level of lifestyle and appearance altering that happens with this kind of surgery, it all changes. At least most of it does, there are some things that don’t seem to change at all.

Cue my post about dating and luck at it, because this, this doesn’t seem to have changed a bit.

I recently read a romance novel in which the author describes what it is like to embark on online dating from the vantage point of an overweight woman. I wish I could remember the title and author, I read so many books I’ll have to go through my GoodReads reviews in order to pinpoint which one it was and I will later on because it spoke volumes. I seriously felt like the author ripped out every bad feeling I had about online dating and splashed it onto the page for the first chapter of the book.

In the chapter she described how when people messaged the heroin she felt that they did so with either lust or disgust and how some made her feel as if being with her would fulfill some sort of fetish for being with an overweight woman. How she described it is exactly how it feels at times for me being on an online dating site at times.

There are times when it doesn’t feel like that though, and that is when my bad luck comes in to play…

Here is how my luck works…


  1. I meet a guy on the online dating site.
  2. We hit it off really well.
  3. We make plans to meet.
  4. His ex comes out of the woodwork like some boogeyman termite and eats at the foundation of whatever communication we had going.
  5. He returns to the ex.
  6. Asks if we can be friends.

Now before anyone gets offended thinking that I am talking about them in particular… This has happened seven times in the past two years and I know at least one of those seven married their ex.

What can I say… I bring people together.

On a related note, I’ve put in my dating profiles that if they still have feelings for their ex or there’s any chance of them getting back together, to please exit stage left before messaging me. I’ve had quite enough.

Oh well, chin up, persevere, back to the dating sites…

Update: this is the book I spoke of Alpha Packed by Darla Dunbar