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I know it’s been a while since I have updated my blog and I wish I could say that it was because I was just too busy, but in reality it’s just been too boring. After a while it just felt like all I would be posting on here was the same stuff on a different day. Maybe I’m experiencing a little bit of burnout with regards to routine and I need to shake things up just a little bit.

So, what’s new with me? I need to up my protein consumption game a little bit. I’ve been experiencing more hair loss than I am really comfortable with. I actually had an experience in the shower where there was more than a couple of strands of hair on my hands after shampooing and internally I reacted like that one guy in the horse head scene of the Godfather.

Another new thing is that I have decided to add squats to my exercise regimen. I’m not sure how many others this has happened to, but I took a gander at my backside in the bathroom mirror and realized that gravity was working against me in nefarious ways. Unfortunately I overdid it on the squats the first day out of the gate and I’m suffering for it now. I would like to note that no one truly knows how close their toilet is to the floor until they do too many squats; I had to hold onto the wall to lower myself down and considered calling in my mom to assist me back up!


I have also started to work on my abdomen and that actually kicked off another new and funny experience for me. I was laying there on my floor, flat on my back with my hands on my stomach and all of a sudden I was like “what… what’s that!!?” It took me a moment, but I discovered it was my pelvis. I could never really feel my pelvic bones before.

One thing that I’ve discovered that has changed that I never actually thought would change is that I can now wrap my fingers around my wrist. I thought I would just be stuck with the wrist size that I had before the surgery but it seems there was space for that to shrink as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally be able to buy some cute bracelets and not have to buy extenders for them.

What I am really excited about happened today though. I’ve always seen the same person in the mirror. I’m sure there are people out there who completely understand what that feels like. Here I am losing all this weight and I still see the same person looking back at me. I still leave the house and fully believe that people have that judgey look in their eyes when I’m not looking at them. But today, I walked past the bathroom mirror and was like “oh hey, look at me!” Today was the day that I saw the difference in me. It wasn’t a photo or a scale, it was me and my mirror and I finally saw it.

I will post photos and numbers for the six month post-op blog post…