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Throughout the years, with the exception of a couple of poor style choices, the one thing I could always count on is my hair. Approximately every two years I would donate a foot, or more, to Locks of Love for thirteen years. It didn’t matter how big I got, my hair always got compliments, unless it was one of those aforementioned poor choices on my part.

Why am I bringing up my hair? Because I’m shedding worse than an Alaskan malamute in Miami! I take a shower and I can actually see hair going down the drain or on my hands. I dry off and there’s a bit on the towel and then there is the mouse-sized hairball when I comb! It’s horrifying!


I’ve been trying to be good about my protein intake and, if I’m measuring right, I am getting at least seventy-five grams of protein a day like I should be, so I am going to be aiming for eighty to eighty-five to see if that helps in the hair loss prevention. But at the same time it may just be that I’ve dyed my hair a few too many times since I had the surgery as well. It’s a coin toss at this point and may continue to be a coin toss because on top of the protein intake I have zero intention of dying my hair again.

I debated about bringing this to my blog. It’s embarrassing for me, or at the very least uncomfortable to talk about. The fact that it makes me uncomfortable is exactly why I finally decided to write up a post about it. Hair loss, or thinning, was one of the few things that wasn’t given a lot of air-time when I was researching a gastric bypass before I met with my surgeon, dietitian, and bariatric coordinator for the very first time.

Bottom line is that after a gastric bypass the body goes into a starvation mode and protein and other nutrients are directed to vital organs first. The lack of protein to the hair then interrupts the hair growth cycle causing hair loss if not enough protein is consumed because no matter how vital we may feel our hair is, our bodies just don’t see it as important. For the first six months, to a year, consuming enough protein without supplements is impossible because of the size of the pouch left over and that is where the protein shakes twice a day come into play.

While I am on the topic of hair today, shaving my legs has become a little more interesting. Granted, because of all the weight loss I’ve had, there is less leg to shave but because of how much weight I’ve lost my skin on my inner thighs is loose which makes it a little bit trickier than it used to be.

It’s a good problem to have, I may be grasping at straws complaining about that one.

Well, those are my issues for the day. I will try to post more often from now on, and maybe not even only about the weight loss and surgery because really this blog is about all of me and all the changes going on in my life.