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The good!

There has always been on little thing that I always wanted to do and never managed to be able to do it; cross my legs at the knee.  The ladylike knees crossed when sitting in a chair or on a couch while wearing a skirt. I wasn’t wearing a skirt at the time but I actually managed to pull it off the other day while reclining on the couch reading a book.

The Bad!

My son has been wanting Cheese-its for his school snack lately and I went out and I got him some. What is the bad part about this? Every now and then I snitch a handful of them at lunch. This is bad! Those little cheese flavored processed carb loaded squares with zero nutritional value are getting the better of my good sense!  But, now that I have admitted to the problem, I can go about overcoming it. I’m just going to treat it like my craving for cigarettes and take a deep breath and tell myself “I do not need that crap!”

The unfortunate!

I have my six month post-op doctor appointment tomorrow and when they called to confirm my appointment the woman asked what insurance I have and when I told her Aetna Medicaid she said that after the first of the year my doctor will no longer be accepting any Medicaid providers. He will still see me, but I will have to pay cash and it’ll be a flat rate for my follow up appointments. So, for me, it will not be as bad as it could have been.

But then I think about where that leaves others with Medicaid. I get a lot of people see as gastric bypass as an elective or cosmetic surgery, but I had elevated cholesterol and fatty liver disease which increased my risk of psoriasis. My surgeon was the last in my area to still accept Medicaid and so I think it’s really unfortunate, and indeed a shame, that he is no longer going to be accepting it. Because now, with him having been the last, there’s really no options for someone who was in my place, or worse off, to get the help that they need.

I do not blame my doctor for it. I’m sure his office had to jump through a plethora of red tape and hoops to get paid for their services. It’s just the way that it is.