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Well, there is quite a bit for me to share in this post, mostly because I haven’t been posting like I promised myself that I would. But fear not, I have some personal goals in the near future that will, hopefully make me better about posting with more frequency.

First things first I suppose and I should begin by saying that I was not hurt, but on the eleventh on my way to an appointment with my surgeon I got into a bit of an accident. I was in the far right lane, someone in the left turn lane decided they didn’t want to turn after all and kept going straight, which caused the person in the lane next to me to swerve and sideswiped my car. They didn’t stop, and to be completely honest, I am not sure that I would have bothered them with their insurance information anyway since really it was the fault of the person in the left hand turn lane. To make matters worse that day, I ended up not seeing my surgeon because someone had overbooked appointments that day and my son only had half a day at school. Though I did get to see him on the thirteenth after I rescheduled.

I have to go get another endoscopy done on the 4th of December so he can check on my ulcer and see how that is doing, whether it is getting better or not. I am not looking forward to another one of those, but at least I sleep almost all day after it is done so it turns out to not be that big of a deal.

Thanksgiving was a bit of an event, as you can see from the pictures maybe I attempted a little bit more than I can manage. By “maybe” I mean, I definitely did and I spent hours nauseous in the bathroom for my efforts. I made this applesauce brownie recipe that only calls for three ingredients. It was alright but I am not entirely sure I love the texture of coconut flour.


Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes.


Applesauce Brownie

Hopefully I will have more worthy stuff to post in the future. But lately I’ve just been feeling a bit blah about everything. Likely all the rain that has been taking place where I live, this year has been the wettest year in recorded history for the DFW area of Texas.