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I haven’t written in a long time in my blog here. I should be able to write more often soon. I recently got a job and I am starting to get used to the new schedule. It has completely thrown me out of whack. I’ve been skipping meals, not planned, but it’s happened and I regrettably got addicted to caffeine again so I am having to wean myself off of it again.

I did make a pie for Christmas though that I wanted to share with all of you because it turned out absolutely scrumptious and it wasn’t as difficult to make as it sounded.

Impossible Eggnog Blender Pie


Funnily none of us tried it until the day after Christmas because I work at a gas station, so I had to work Christmas day in the afternoon and I think I made them all a little nervous about trying new things after the applesauce “brownies” at Thanksgiving. Those were mostly a texture thing though, I am not entirely pleased with the texture of coconut flour.


I got some delightfully warm pajamas for Christmas along with some slippers. Maybe it’s just me, but my hands and feet have been extremely cold after losing all the weight that I have.

I’ll have more to post soon enough, since this isn’t just a blog about my weight loss but my journey as a changing person I’ve got some other things I want to improve on.

Oh and I got my nails done. Solar nails for New Years, I had them all sparkly because I thought maybe it’d be more festive!


It’s interesting relearning how to type with them though. Luckily I didn’t get them any longer or doing anything on the computer would be hopeless.

  • Heaviest Weight: 294
  • Weight at Surgery: 271.5
  • Current Weight: 186
  • Total Lost: 108