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There have been a couple of things that I have been struggling with in regards to my routine and my new job. Yes, one of those things I am struggling with is keeping up with my blog and posting. The other struggles involve food and exercise.

Late night foraging.

I think that the biggest issue I face right now is that when I get home from work I always want something to eat. Doesn’t matter what time it is that I am dragging myself through the door, whether it is nine at night or eleven I will want to shove something into my face before I flop into bed. I need to seriously break myself of this habit because it is a very bad one.

Meal Skipping

With my new job I do not get breaks, this includes the fifteen minute breaks or meals breaks. So, I am eating at the register these little P3 things, they have 13-15g of protein in them and they aren’t bad tasting. It’s not ideal though, to eat standing up like a horse because then it just doesn’t compute that I actually had a meal and not just a snack. However, tomorrow I will be skipping entirely, unfortunately. I know it’s bad to skip meals and bad that I know I am going to do it and I am doing it anyway. But, I work at a gas station and tomorrow is the Powerball and I’m working the peak time for that huge line. I’m going to hydrate and have a big meal before I even go in to work.

Exercise blahs

Like I said previously, I do not get breaks when I am at work so I am standing for eight to ten hours straight. I shudder to think how my feet would have felt 112 pounds ago, I’d have probably been crippled with pain on a nightly basis, but even lighter it is not easy on my feet. So, when I am at home on my days off or even before work I have been looking at my treadmill and then looking down at my feet and I hear that inner voice of mine get all whiney with “I don’t wanna!”

I’m working on all of this and trying to get back to basics. If any of you have any tips on how to do that, would be greatly appreciated.


Note: I don’t have a recent photo so I will get one of those taken and I will do my 8 month post-op post tomorrow before work. It’s a bit late, should have done it a week ago.

Note again: Waiting until the last minute to buy a lotto ticket, is like waiting until the last day of a week long 75% off sale. You aren’t getting better than 75% off, and your odds don’t increase for winning, only your wait in line does.