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I hopped on the scale this morning when I woke up and kind of just stared at it for a moment or two. It had this 183 staring back up at me from the digital display. I am not even sure if actually gaining three pounds back is physically possible only eight months after surgery or if it’s just water weight. I haven’t been the worlds best when it comes to sticking to the bariatric diet in the past month. Regardless of if it was water weight or actual weight gain it got me racing for my treadmill to start walking and exercising again.

Work is presenting a little bit more of a challenge this coming week with the addition of working overnights. I’ll have to map out a schedule for food, of sorts, so that way I am still eating at regularly planned intervals and not doing the all-night grazing thing when things get slow.

I walked two miles on the treadmill, did two sets of 15 reps with a three pound weight for bicep curls and triceps presses, I did five squats, five sumo squats, ten mule kicks each leg, twenty-five  crunches, five leg lifts and I did planks. I plan on doing this again every other day. The walking I am planning on doing every single day.

I owe it to myself to stop slacking.