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Alright so I haven’t been spectacular about updating my blog as much as I was planning to when I created my New Year’s resolutions and I do need to get better about it. I’ve been working overnights for the past three nights, which presents an all new set of routine problems as far as when to eat and finding the time to exercise. The flat out truth is that I haven’t been exercising on the days that I work at the big store and I think that’s alright, because I am never sitting down when I am there. I am constantly in motion when I am at the larger location, including sweeping and mopping the entire store and stocking in the cooler which involves lifting heavy boxes. When I am at the smaller place, where I can sit and read, yeah I work out before I get ready to head in.

I had a date on the 16th of January that I thought went really well. But even before the first date/meeting from the dating site we were on, he was pretty bad about texting me. I’d wait like a day or two before hearing back from him and then we met and he said he was really interested in pursuing more. Only then last night we were supposed to spend time together and I didn’t hear from him. Now, I understand that just because I’ve lost weight, does not necessarily mean that dating is going to magically become simpler. I’m going to come across some duds, and that’s alright.

Now, probably wondering what dating has to do with the reinvention of me and how I’m constantly looking to improve myself. Well, it’s simple really; a year ago I would have bought whatever excuse was tossed at me about why someone couldn’t bother to text me because mentally I was at a place where I was like “well, this is as good as it gets.” The person I am now, just simply removed him from her Facebook friends list and went back to checking into the dating site daily.

I don’t deserve better now than I did a year ago; I just feel like I do.


294 Pounds

January of Last Year


271.5 pounds

May 5th 2015


177 lbs January 24, 2016


  • Heaviest Weight: 294
  • Weight at Surgery: 271.5
  • Current Weight: 177
  • Total Lost: 117