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Recently a dating experience kind of went belly up on me in a fantastic fashion. (Read: it went epically bad). In the past I would have just wallowed in the aftermath, picked up a romance novel or twelve and gone on a snacking-while-reading binge that wouldn’t have me leaving the couch for about a week after gaining six or seven pounds.

Instead, I signed up on Runkeeper for a 5k training program. Today was the first day of said program and I learned a few things during the two miles I did today.

  1. I can’t run any further now than I did a hundred pounds ago.
  2. If I haven’t been walking like I should have been what made me think I could run?
  3. I need new shoes desperately.
  4. I need a new method of phone transportation because I had to have a death grip on it to keep it from bouncing out of the holster I have.

So, the current plan is to spend the next month walking every day, jogging when I can as far as I can, and getting to the point where doing the 5k training program is an option. Because a year ago when I was 294 pounds and I was walking 3.5 miles, what got me through it was daydreaming about being able to run it.

I’m not giving up on dating. I just think I need to divert some of the energy I’ve been using towards that, toward something more lastingly productive.

screenshot of my time/distance

Not sure how else I can share that on here… tips on that would be welcome.