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I had to share this little thing I came across on Pinterest because when I saw it, I had to wonder if the creator knew anyone who had, had a gastric bypass. Staying hydrated is very much a thing, an important thing at that. I unfortunately haven’t been as good about staying hydrated as I should be and I’m trying to be better about it now.

There are a lot of things I haven’t been good about that I’m trying to be better about. I’ve pretty much given up the notion of protein shakes entirely. I haven’t noticed any hair loss so I think I am getting enough ingested protein without the shakes. Mostly it’s the cost of the protein powder that has decided it. Unless I want to consume something that tastes so foul it could be considered a form of torture, protein costs upwards of $50 a canister and I just don’t have the available funds for that.

I’m hoping to soon be trying some new gastric bypass friendly recipes and sharing them all with you and how they turned out. I also need to keep up with my walking, which slid back into bad behavior after Thursday of last week. It’s just really difficult to figure out when to walk when I am working overnights. It’s a weird schedule to keep an exercise routine during.