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So far I’ve been a bit better about sticking to the approved post-op bariatric diet. The problem at the moment is that my payday is two days away so I have to deal with the hand I have.

I haven’t quite managed the walking hurdle just yet but I have set my sights on a goal in that regard. I want to run. So I’m reading about that and a viable plan will take shape soon.


It’s tough because my work week is Thursday to Wednesday and recently my boss hasn’t been coming out with the schedule until the day before. I’ve not had my schedule changed in the past three weeks but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I’ve also been working 10pm to 6am on Thursdays and 10pm to 4am on Fridays.

On another note my birthday is coming up on March 6th. I’ll be turning 35. It’s my first birthday post-op and 10 months (plus 1 day) after surgery.  I’ve been looking at sugar free cake mixes. I’ll try sugar free and low carb later on. I wouldn’t look at all except I feel that birthdays are a big deal. At least they should be.