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So, this evening I decided to check in with some of the blogs that I follow before writing up a post of my own and I came to realize that, I am not alone. I am not the only person who blogs who randomly drops off or goes missing in action as the three dimensional world we live in decides to hold us hostage. It’s good to not be alone in this because I will freely admit to feeling guilty for doing so. Here I am, writing about my journey after weight loss surgery, how my life is changing, becoming the catalyst for my own life changes, people start to follow my blog and suddenly I abandon them by not posting.

I can’t promise that my posts are going to suddenly become a daily thing but I can at least try to write a post once a week. I am likely going to schedule a time to write posts so that way I remember and I stop feeling so guilty about it.

I’ve been working a lot, and by “a lot” I mean that tonight was the first night I’ve had off since the 30th of June. I’ve been working overnights from 10:00pm to 4:00am or 6:00am depending on if my mother needs the car to get to work or not. I’m so exhausted that it goes bone deep. I never quite understood the level or tired someone would have to be before they just wanted to cry, but I am there. I am so there.

But it’s all worth it, because today I was able to register for two of the classes I need to get the certificate of completion in Real Estate like I want. I only need a total of five classes, and then I’ll be able to test for my Real Estate Agent License. It’ll mean more work for me, more being awake and studying and less sleep but I finally feel like I am moving towards something better. Not just the weight, but a better quality of life.